Longhorn ElevatorCompany has partnered with K & M Elevator, LLC!K & M Elevator specializes in building and designing a multitude of elevators to fit your needs. The client is always our main focus and we are committed to working with you through every aspect of the job, starting with the installation process. K & M Elevator is going to prove that we are the right company for all of your elevator needs. Please review our Installation page for more details.


K & M Elevator offers maintenance contracts individually designed to meet your specific needs. Regular maintenance, routine inspections and care of your inventory; provided by an experienced team of specialists that will provide decades of safe and secure performance. K & M Elevator welcomes the opportunity to provide maintenance for your elevator needs. Please review our Maintenance page for more details.


K & M Elevator consists of a team of experienced professionals that have perfected elevator installations; ranging from small home installations to installing the most advanced; non-propriety equipment on the market. K & M Elevator has a passion for old school elevators combined with the knowledge and respect for modern technologies and standards. Please review our Modernization page for more details.